Bonanza Integration

What We Do?

Jumbo Lister can help you in Bonanza Product Listing, Orders and Inventory Management. Just add the product once into our software using bulk CSV Importer or one by one manually, and let the software do the hard part for you.

Product Listing

List thousands of Products on Bonanza as per your requirement.

Schedule Products using our Scheduler and Jumbo Lister will list them on Bonanza for you.


Bulk Scheduler

Select Multiple Products At once and use our simple scheduler to list on Bonanza.

Bonanza Order Management

Order Management

Our Order Manager Sync Orders from Bonanza to a single place for easy access and management. Use bulk actions to process them and save a lot of time.

  • Print Shipping Labels.
  • Print Item List.
  • Download CSV.
  • Upload Tracking Information.
  • View Checkout Messages.
  • Customized View.

Bonanza Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our Real Time Inventory Management System keep controls of your inventory. If you listing depends on multiple SKU, you can use our Dependency Management System to easily manage Inventory of your listing.

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