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Jumbo Lister Centers Of Excellence

Jumbo Lister specializes in providing a wide array of features, ranging from Automated Product Listing to Multi Channel Inventory Management. Our services are organized as specific centers of excellence with exclusive focus on Customized Solutions for our users. We give you the solution the way you want.

Automated Product Listing

Product listing across multiple channels and your website. (Including Content, Images, Price & Inventory)

Content Translation

Whether it's German, French, Spanish, Japanese or any other language. We translate for you.

Auto Listing Description

You can define description format for each and every marketplace separately. The way you want.

CSV Import & Update

No Need to create or edit one product at a time, when you can easily manage it with our CSV Importer

Order Management

Single panel for multiple marketplace order processing. We fetch orders from all channels to one place.

Offline Orders

You can Create or Import offline orders in bulk using our Orders Importer and we manage the Inventory everywhere.

Shipping Labels

Print all the shipping labels in just one click. We customize the Shipping Label as desired by you.


You enter all the tracking details of all the channels at one place, and we manage the rest.

Inventory Synchronisation

As soon as the order arrives we automatic adjust Inventory across all channels including your website.

Image Hosting

You can upload all you product images on our fast CDN Network, and that too just in one click.

Domain Name

You get a free domain name with our service, which you can use it for your website.

Website Hosting

Along with free domain name, you get free Website Hosting Space, means your website running cost is all covered up

SSL Certificate

To keep your website and email data secure, we provide SSL Certificate for free.

Dedicated IP Address

Along with domain name, website hosting and SSL Certificate, we prodive free dedicated IP Address for website.

Custom Features

As we provide customized solutions to our customers, you can request for customization that you need

Custom Channel

If the channel you sell on is not listed above, you can request us to Integrate it for you.