eBay Inventory Management

Automate Product Listing, Order and Inventory Management

Jumbo Lister specializes in eBay Product Listing. We list the product the way you want. Whether it's an auction or an fixed price item. Whether it's a multi quantity variation listing or a single product, We manage everything. Just add the product once into our software using bulk CSV Importer or one by one manually, and let the software do the hard part for you.

Automated Product Listing

Our software automatically lists and re-list product on all of your eBay ID and eBay Marketplaces.

Global eBay Marketplace

We support global eBay Marketplaces, we do the translation for you according to the marketplace language.

Auto Listing Description

We automate the product description template, with the required values about product and other policies.

Variation Listing

We support multi quantity variation listing. Maintain the history and automate revision of listing in one click.

Order Management

Single panel for all eBay marketplaces. Whether it's US, UK or Australia, we fetch order from all to a single place.


You enter all the tracking details of all the eBay Marketplaces and all of your eBay ID at one place, and we manage the rest.

Inventory Synchronisation

As soon as the order arrives we automatic adjust Inventory across all of your eBay ID and marketplaces.

Schedule Products

Schedule products, without eBay scheduling fee. All eBay marketplaces can be configured separately.

Listing Speed Control

List upto 20,000 products in a single day or do a listing every minute. You can control it the way you want.

Automatic Feedback

You can automate the process of giving feedback to buyers. No need to manually give the feedback to buyers.

CSV Import & Update

No Need to create or edit one product at a time, when you can easily manage it with our Bulk CSV Importer

Currency Converter

We convert the currency of the product before we list on other marketplaces. You need to provide price only once.

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